About Us

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Our beliefs and goals

We believe that Cebu is one of the fastest growing tourism and consumer markets and with the advent of this BOOM, we anticipate this increase in realty development will translate to higher demand for food consumption.

We believe that CHRIST Com. Inc., together with our Principals, can provide the support required for the increasing Food Solutions needs of Cebu.

We believe that CHRIST Com. Inc., is not only a distribution company but at its core, it is a "FOOD SOLUTIONS PROVIDER!"

We believe in our CUSTOMERS as CLIENTS and their potential to grow with the market. Our Customers and Clients shall not only consist of KEY Hotels, Restaurants and Institutional account but also extend to the untapped market of Local Eateries and Local Food manufacturers.

As Solutions providers, we aim to help our Customers and Clients maximize their growth potential through implementation of systems and strategic partnerships.

Our plans
  • Mapping out of Total Customer Universe.
  • Continuing improvement of Systems in order to maximize efficiencies in the all areas (SALES, OPERATIONS and ADMIN)
  • Elevate our Customer/Client servicing level through established and supportive partnerships with our Principals.
  • Provide a comprehensive merchandise mix to be able to address our Customers needs.
  • Help Customers strategize, providing them with creative food solutions and help them plan for increased efficiencies.
  • Always Plan ahead and anticipate !
  • Equip our people with the skills and knowledge needed to execute the company's goals and directions , through continuing exposure and learning.
Our Architecture

A. Sales and Operations Team

  • DSP 1
  • DSP 2
  • DSP 3
  • Channel Specialist (LET)
  • Telemarketer/Customer Service
  • Warehouse Assistant/Helper
  • Delivery Teams
  • North (Coordinator & Driver) -2
  • South (Coordinator & Driver) -2

B. Admin Head

  • 2 Systems
  • Invoice Encoder
  • A/R in Charge
  • A/P Clerk
  • Cashier
  • Purchaser
  • Bookkeeper
  • Audit Team

Our Customers

We distribute to all Clients requiring our Food Service Expertise! We are the link in bringing food and food related items to all channels in the Food Service Industry such as Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens, Caterers, Health Care Facilities, and Food manufacturers.

Our Future
  • To be a Complete Food Solutions Provider with the development of our own brands to fill in the gap.
  • See opportunities for importation of products and exporting expertise. planned visits to Food and Hotel Asia Expo every 2 years to explore world market and products available.
  • To expand our territories beyond Cebu's shores.